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Private Commissions

How we can work together to create a special, highly personal piece of legacy artwork

Artist Workshop

Art is deeply personal. 

It is really important to me that I create art that is not only beautiful, but is meaningful to the owner. It is a joy to work on a private commissions, knowing that I'm created a lasting legacy of a subject that particularly resonates 

Plants carry so much meaning. We all have favourite flowers, but it usually goes deeper than aesthetics. A flower might conjure up a happy memory of a holiday, your wedding day, your parents' garden. For centuries, plant symbolism has been part of our deep cultural identity. A romantic red rose, rosemary for remembrance, Ophelia's innocent daisies, the strength of English oak, lucky bamboo, dahlias for commitment, happiness in sunflowers. Seeds, fruits, herbs, vegetables, leaves, trees.. even fungi. All carry deeply personal symbolism for us. It is interesting that botanical names have surged in recent years - parents want to project their values to the world. 

Long Brush Painter

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