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Hello! I am an award-winning British artist creating beautiful, realistic botanical art. 

My detailed plant portraits blend artistry and science to fascinate and connect with the viewer.

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I create art which invites you to slow down and examine the awe-inspiring beauty of a flower or leaf. 

Nature is indeed the best artist, but I aim to capture and distill in my portraits what we all love the most about plants. 

"There is a quality to the best botanical art that captures the essence as well as the detail. Just like a good human portrait, there is an indefinable element that seemingly evades mere description or photography."



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The latest posts on my grid - click each image below. Follow me to stay up to date with my work-in-progress and news.

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Get in touch for more information on any of my original artworks, framed prints, or if you would like to discuss a botanical commission or commercial project.

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